Passion for positive change

Trailblazing athletes discuss how to use passion for positive change

Elite #freeskier, #freesurfer and #skydiver inspire students for #RedBull #Basement.

Maja Kuczynska is seen during Red Bull Game Of A.I.R. in Bovec, Slovenia on August 26, 2020 // Samo Vidic/
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Red Bull Basement 2021 is entering the final days of the application process as student innovators search for inspiration in an effort to be part of the Global Final in Istanbul with athletes Angel Collinson, Jamie O’Brien and Maja Kuczyńska serving up advice from their trailblazing projects which delivered positive change. Here is all you need to know:

– Red Bull Basement 2021 is open to currently enrolled students 18 and older at worldwide universities who want to create innovative ideas to spark positive change in their communities and beyond.

– Students need to visit the website and upload a 60-second video that clearly explains their idea by 11:59 pm CEST on October 24 with the best idea from each of the 44 countries seeing those students invited to December’s Global Final in Istanbul, Turkey where teams will collaborate with international thought leaders to bring their ideas to life.

– In an effort to get students over the finish line, freeskier Collinson, fellow American freesurfer O’Brien and Polish skydiver Kuczyńska have added their inspirational insights to the Red Bull Basement Sessions video series, discussing what happens when you follow your passion and ideas.

– Big mountain skier Collinson, 31 – who has won the Freeskiing World Tour twice and become an award-winning ski movie star – talks about advocating for the environment while sailing the world’s oceans.

– Moved by recent Alaskan glacier retreat, she switched up disciplines to restore a second-hand yacht and sail the world’s oceans – living carbon neutral, while meeting and learning from sustainability activists.

– She says, „My process has helped me realise I can do big things and a lot of people can do big things. I think it’s so important to dream really big in the way that feels just right for you.“

– Hawaiian O’Brien has been at the forefront of the worldwide surfing boom after winning World Tour events in his competitive prime before moving into freesurfing and the „Who is JOB“ video series on Red Bull TV.

– The 38-year-old recently pulled off the audacious feat of surfing while literally on fire, an eye-opening example of what determination and self-confidence can achieve if you continually look to innovate.

– He advises, „Don’t look at something and say, ‚This is unachievable‘. You have to take calculated risks. If you have something and it really makes sense, the light is going to shine upon your great idea.“

Maja Kuczynska and Luke Czepiela perform during Red Bull Game Of A.I.R. in Bovec, Slovenia on Avgust 26, 2020 // Samo Vidic/Red Bull Content Pool

– Warsaw native Kuczyńska graduated from a tandem skydive with her father aged 10 to becoming junior freestyle world champion in 2015 and she has gone out of her comfort zone to create the viral video „Game of A.I.R.“ in which she skydives in a head-to-head aerobatic challenge.

– Like a game of HORSE in basketball, Kuczyńska and pilot Łukasz Czepiela look to try to duplicate each other’s moves – Kuczyńska while skydiving in the open air and Czepiela with his aeroplane.

– The 21-year-old says, „I never planned on becoming a skydiver full time. I did what people told me to do, then I stopped doing what people told me to do and now I’m happy! If you have an idea that seems stupid-crazy, work on it. Talk to other people in the know and don’t limit yourself.

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