Ultimate 911

Singer’s ‘Dynamics and Lightweighting Study’ is a $1.8m vision of the ultimate air-cooled 911.





A Relentless Pursuit of Excellence through a Lightweight Philosophy DLS is a client-inspired collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering part of the Williams Grand Prix Engineering Group and a formation of technical partners, in pursuit of the most advanced air-cooled Porsche 911 in the world.

As announced in November 2017, the project began when Singer client and Porscheenthusiast Scott Blattner, requested lightweighting and high-performance  enhancements for his 1990 Porsche 964. To meet the goals defined in collaboration with Scott, Singer engaged Williams and globally-renowned technical partners toengineer a selection of restoration and modification services strongly oriented toward lightweighting and dynamic gains.

Details for Dynamics and Lightweighting Study

Advanced Air-cooled Engine Development

Partner: Williams Advanced Engineering

A normally aspirated, air-cooled Porsche flat-six, developed by Williams Advanced

Engineering with technical advice and consultancy from Hans Mezger.

4.0 litre displacement, titanium valves, 4 per cylinder, dual overhead cams,

500hp @

9,000 rpm

Extensive use of magnesium and lightweight materials to reduce mass

Lightweight throttle bodies with F1-inspired upper and lower injectors to enhance

performance and drivability

Unique and optimized oiling system to improve lubrication and cooling

Advanced Aerodynamics

Partners: Williams Advanced Engineering with technical advice and con

sultancy from Norbert Singer

Every surface on the car re-assessed through computational fluid dynamics (CFD)


Elimination of front axle lift through redesign of front oil-cooler intake and venting,

together with new front splitter

Optimization of one of the most iconic aerodynamic devices of the twentieth century

–the ducktail spoiler.

Roof-channel and roof/rear window spoiler working with optimized ducktail and

diffuser to generate downforce at rear

Optimization of engine intake and cooling performance through side-window ram-air

intakes and rear deck-lid venting.Mass Efficiency and Core Optimization

Partners: Williams Advanced Engineering & RLE

Full weight-down study by Williams Advanced Engineering

Focus on torsional stiffness, mass efficiency and driver environment

Mass relocation for optimized chassis balance via moving engine forward and

component reallocation to front trunk area

Full carbon fibre bodywork, every panel unique to DLS

Advanced Control Systems

Partner: Bosch

ABS, traction control and electronic stability control (ESC) systems specifically

calibrated for DLS by Bosch

Switchable driving modes including the option for traction control and stability

systems to be turned off


Partner: Williams Advanced Engineering

Lightweight multi-link, double wishbone, front suspension

Lightweight, aluminium, rear trailing arm, with integral brake cooling

Bespoke mass-optimized dampers with remote adjustment Transmission and Driveline

Partner: Hewland

Bespoke, 6-speed gearbox, using magnesium casings with hollow shafts for

maximum reduction of rotating mass

Reduced length to reposition engine forward for optimized weight distribution

Use of motorsport-style tripod joints, centre-lock wheel carriers and modern materials

Partner: Brembo

Latest technology CCM-R carbon ceramic high performance, lightweight discs for

both road and track use

Lightweight, monobloc calipers, developed for the study


Partner: Michelin

Bespoke-sized Pilot Sport Cup 2s developed by Michelin´s Development and

Manufacturing team in Greenville, South Carolina.

Bi-Compound asymmetric design, and Variable Contact Patch 3.0 technology

Front Rear Wheels

Partners: BBS Motorsport and Williams Advanced Engineering

Lightweight 18orged magnesium, monobloc, centre-lock wheels developed for the

study by BBS Motorsport

High strength aluminium and titanium centre-lock mechanism developed by Williams

Advanced Engineering

Advanced Lightweight Seating

Partner: Recaro

Lightweight carbon fibre sports seats specially designed with Recaro for DS


Partner: MOMO

Lightweight carbon-fibre steering wheel specially developed by Momo for DLS.


Raised, manual gear-shift with exposed titanium and magnesium linkage and

shift lights integrated in the tachometer

Drilled carbon and titanium pedals

Lightweight air-conditioning and heating system

Instrument gauges with hand-applied characters, floating in a carbon fibre

instrument panel


Quote from Rob Dickinson, Founder and Creative Director

“The Dynamics and Lightweighting Study has been years in the making. To see theresults,

representing the ongoing pursuit of our client’s vision for their ultimate air-cooled

911, is so exciting. We’ve worked relentlessly to present a machine that visually

celebrates the past while acknowledging the future–both inside and out. It´s our fourth

year at this incredible event and we’re thrilled to be back at Festival of Speed for its

twenty-fifth anniversary and to wish Porsche a very happy 70th birthday.”

Quote from Mazen Fawaz, CEO

“The extraordinary collaboration of our partners–names like Williams Advanced

Engineering, Bosch, Brembo, Hewland, Recaro, MOMO, RLE, EXE-TC and BBS

Motorsport–have made this crazy vision become a reality. Not only did they believein

us, but their engineering might has delivered nothing short of spectacular results, above

and beyond our expectations–and allowed us to achieve truly sensational,

technologically advanced results for our clients.”

Quote from Marino Franchitti, Special Consultant, Vehicle Dynamics

“After 3 years of hard work by everyone involved with the program, it’s such a thrill to

bring this car to FoS and to run it at this iconic event. Even havinglived with it through

development, I’ve been blown away by how the car looks in the real world, and I can’t

wait to see the reaction the car gets.”

Quote from Daniel Simon, Design Deputy

“The Dynamics and Lightweighting Study has been a most enjoyable yet unrelentingchallenge. From bringing doodles on paper to sketch models in 3D, through toengineering, we’veworked tirelessly to enable ideas to become reality. Nothing has been more exciting or rewarding than seeing the fruits of our labor for our clients.“

About Singer Vehicle Design

Singer Vehicle Design (Singer) restores and reimagines 1989 to 1994 Porsche 911s forits clients. Singer does not manufacture or sell automobiles.Singer is not sponsored, associated, approved, endorsed nor, in any way, affiliated with

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About Williams Advanced Engineering

Williams Advanced Engineering is the division of the Williams Group that harnesses Formula One derived technology and know-how to deliver highly innovative productsand services to the motorsport, automotive, defence and healthcare sectors. W orking inclose collaboration with its customers, Williams Advanced Engineering helps meet the sustainability challenges of the 21st century and improve performance, with its expertise in aerodynamics andthermodynamics, electrification, advanced lightweight materials and vehicle integration




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