Riva 1920 – Airon Marine

Riva 1920 – Airon Marine

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AMX 28 WOODLINE is a daring project that comes from the synergy between three historical  companies, such as #aironmarine, Riva 1920 and #volvopenta. The challenge was to create an, advanced boat aimed at a refined user who does not accept compromises. The know-how, the experience and tradition of these three brands has been combined in a single elegant, performing and functional object.

AMX 28 WOODLINE has an unique #design, expression of the perfect combination of tradition, sportiness and innovation. The soft and timeless lines of the living work meet the modern and sophisticated lines of the deck and the interiors. The reduced deckhouse, the wraparound, blunt  windshield and the „wood“ style, give the boat a retro taste that reminds the classic Molinari mahogany hulls produced  in  the past. On the other hand, the alternating of blows of light on  the side and the clean cut of the bridge and bow gives the boat a modern and aggressive style.

AMX 28 WOODLINE stands outside the current market offer mainly for three characteristics that make it truly exclusive:
1- The bulwarks have  hand-painted finish.

2- The new motorization #volvopenta Forward Drive

3- The furniture made of #kauri  wood dated  48,000 years old, branded  Riva1920

For the #amx28woodline, Riva 1920 has decided to use the most exclusive and precious wood: #kauri. The trunk from which the exterior and interior furniture  has been made, has been dated 48,000 years old with the method of carbon  from the Sapienza University of Rome. To fully enhance the aesthetic and physical properties of this material, the wood has been left deliberately natural and treated with a particular oil of natural origin that intensely perfumes the entire boat, allowing a sensory, incomparable experience.