Spies in Disguise

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Audi designs first concept car for an animated film

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  • Audi debuts RSQ e-tron for Twentieth Century Fox Film’s Spies in Disguise
  • RSQ e-tron, an exclusively virtual concept car, is electric and fully automated
  • Audi to produce additional Spies in Disguise content in 2019
    Audi brings futuristic design and mobility to the big screen for the first time with the Audi RSQ e-tron, a fictional, virtual performance concept car created for Twentieth Century Fox’s animated film Spies in Disguise. The full-battery electric model, created by Audi Design in cooperation with Blue Sky Studios, combines automated driving with artificial intelligence and transformational technology. The RSQ e-tron will be driven by super-spy Lance Sterling, voiced by Will Smith, and appears in the film’s trailer live today. The animated family film will be released in cinemas in September 2019.